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Stop. Collaborate. And Listen. 

Don't take her word for it...

"Sara Chiesa is a consumate professional. She is more than a coach -- Sara will get your material in tip-top shape musically, but she also has the unique ability to empower her clients to be their most authentic selves. Sara's work embodies the excellence of the classic with the vibes of 2022."

     - Sami Weathersby

“Sara Chiesa is more than just a brilliant pianist. She collaborates with beauty and precision which helps to elevate each piece to be more than the vocalist could imagine on their own. Sara is a dream to collaborate with and she will always be at the top of my list of musicians to work with.”

     - Ginger Bess

"In addition to being an exceptional pianist, coach, and overall brilliant musician, Sara is also an amazing artist and a mentor to so many. Since I met her as my pianist in 2020, she has been my coach, mentor, and friend whom I can always rely on. Besides her phenomenal ability to teach diction, languages, phrasing, and musicality, her understanding of singers’ needs and wants has helped me immensely. I am amazed that she learned a whole new skillset as an A&V Engineer within a few months and she successfully created innovative content to bring new audiences into the classical music industry."

     - Hidenori Inoue

"In my first coaching with Sara, it felt like we had worked together for years. A true collaborator, Sara brought a contagious enthusiasm to our session that reinvigorated pieces that had gone into autopilot. Sara is an impeccable musician with a wicked sense of humor and a passion for co-creation that makes every coaching session something to look forward to."

     - Samantha Williams

SARA CHIESA is passionate about redefining leadership in the classical music industry with her work as a
Pianist and Coach, both in professional and educational spheres. From opera to art song to musical theatre, Sara creates a safe working environment that empowers artists to sing at their highest level and to honor their truth.

To set up a coaching:

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