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Dr. Sara Chiesa proudly serves as Professor of Vocal Coaching and Collaborative Piano at Utah State University, where she empowers young musicians and redefines the culture of classical music within academia. 


Dr. Sara Chiesa and former student, Megan Warburton, perform in LET IT SHINE!,
a live-streamed recital
produced in October 2020.

Sara is adept at guiding students on their individual musical journeys, helping them to discover their most authentic voice.

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"Sara's musical brilliance and artistic creativity enhances any piece of repertoire, recording project, or lecture. She finds what works best for each individual, enabling the highest technical and artistic potential in each collaboration. Her positivity radiates in her work and all interactions, establishing a safe, welcoming environment to explore, learn, and experiment."

   - Megan Warburton, soprano, The University of Michigan 

"Dr. Sara Chiesa has had an invaluable impact on my progression as a musician and a performer. She is a skilled collaborator and I feel a great deal of security working with her in performance. I use her practice strategies for diction, musicianship, and memorization in all my personal practice sessions. In addition to our work on both my classical and musical theatre rep, she has helped me work through my performance anxiety and given me mental tools that have helped me on the path to being the performer I want to be.”

   - Courtney Fairbourn, soprano, Utah State University 

"My best audition experiences have been in collaboration with Dr. Sara Chiesa because she is experiencing the moment with you as a performing partner. Auditioning and performing is a vulnerable experience, but with Sara you feel a sense of calmness and tranquility."

   - Kaylyn Baldwin, soprano, Utah State University

"Dr. Sara Chiesa is a brilliant coach and teacher. She has given me so much guidance and great advice for the professional world, but beyond that has given me some amazing performance opportunities. She is an absolute wonder to work with, as she not only is very understanding of the singer’s needs, but knows exactly how to enhance their performance through her playing."

   - Caden Webb, baritone, Utah State University 

"Dr. Chiesa adds flare and passion to her projects and is refreshingly original. She creates an empowering experience in any collaboration and performance, truly a gem to work with."

     - Annica Bella Kropf, mezzo-soprano, Utah State University

"Sara Chiesa is a brilliant coach who helps all of the singers she works with feel confident and comfortable as performers. I sing my best when she is at the keys, and her support and instruction brings my artistry to the next level."

   - Danielle Casós, mezzo-soprano, The University of Michigan

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To inquire about booking Sara as a Guest Teaching Artist at your college or university:

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